We are proud to offer you consultation services concerning your work – whether you need simple advice concerning where to publish or how, or advice on the approach of your content, or perhaps help on your copy (editing). We can even offer you assistance in enhancing your work with appropriate graphics (images, graphs and charts, info-graphs, etc.), or assistance in setting up a blog, website, or improving on your current website or blog to emphasize and promote your work.

Following is our current team of consultants for connection:

Balqees Mohammed 

Owner, CEO & founder of The Writers’ Consultant
More than 20 years experience in writing & editing – scholastic work, journalistic & educational articles, books and more.
More than 10 years experience in setting up & maintaining websites.
More than 10 years experience in graphics work for the web & print.
Highly experienced with the following Adobe programs: photoshop, illustrator, indesign, acrobat, dreamweaver
Experienced in production of promotional videos.

With years of experience in various areas of Islamic ethics and studies, and immediate access to some of the world’s renowned scholars – excellent reference point for reviewing works of Islamic in nature.

Coming from a background of Christian upbringing – have experience in writing & editing works of comparative religion matters (understand the Bible & Christian references, and understand how they compare to Islamic references & sources). Have edited multiple works (fiction & non-fiction) – have experience in ensuring that the correct message of the religious nature (whether in reference to Christian or Islamic) is presented correctly.

Have an excess of 30 years in Arabic language (reading, writing & speaking) – have edited works which were translated (edited for the correct English language presentation of the works) – and so have experience in back-checking the initial translation of the work (comparing the original Arabic text to the newly translated English text) – and correcting spelling & grammatical presentation (as well as essential context of the meaning) in the new English text.

Have edited multiple works of scholastic nature in various fields of study – assisted graduate students with Masters and PhD thesis as well as ongoing scholastic journal articles (post degree award).

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Do you have what it takes to become a legendary consultant? Are you an experienced writer yourself or are you an experienced editor? Looking for an opportunity to showcase your talents and the chance to network for clients?

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After the initial free offer has expired, there will be a entrance fee to join and a continuing yearly membership fee to remain as a member of this elite team. Only those signing up now during the limited free offer will have the chance for a lifetime membership.

But you need to pass the test of eligibility – only those of highest qualifying experience and knowledge and manners of work ethics will be accepted.


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