A Day in the Life

Another day…another life. Another way.

And oh…the anxiety of some things in life – particular the way things are done in Saudi Arabia – how I wish there truly was another way.

This section of the blog is dedicated to my ranting about the way things are done – or not.

There is little that we can do about so many things – other than complain…and so that is what this is about. Complaining. Ranting. Raving. Getting it off my chest. Letting you know about my pet peeves…and hopefully spreading the word via mass social media enough that it embarrasses the heck out of the offenders to the point that they wake up and mend their ways.

Ah….wishful thinking, eh?

Well, we all have our own wishes…and one of mine is that people or organizations or companies would start to pay attention to their responsibilities to the public, their customers, or whatever – to live life and fulfill their responsibilities in – well – responsible manner.

Is that too much to ask?