Definition of Terms & References:

«The Owner» = The Writers’ Consultant agency, website, company, associates in partnership or investors.
«Consultants» = all registered participating consultants mentioned on the consultant’s section of the website.
«Visitors» = all visitors to the website, regardless if they purchase any service or product, or download any items, or join in any membership or mailing list.
«Products» & «Services» = all products and/or services which are offered through The Writers’ Consultant website.

Articles of Disclaim from Liability and Indemnification:

1. Content – All content (specifically relating to written compositions) on this website is originally composed or produced by the owner, any of the associates, or consultants, or specific persons assigned access for posting on the website. Therefore, all content is the copyright of The Writers’ Consultant (or the individual author where indicated), and covered by international copyright laws. Any reproduction of any of the content must have the prior consent and written approval from The Writers’ Consultant.

2. Images & other media: Unless otherwise specified, all images on this website were obtained via www.pixabay.com, all of which are licensed under the CC category (Creative Commons). Any other media is indicated directly of its source, license category, or other related data of relevance.

3. Downloads: All downloads have been provided in the digital format as presented to The Writers’ Consultant by their respective owner or distributor. The Writers’ Consultant removes itself, its associates, partners, consultants and any other related persons from any indemnity of any damages resulting from any downloads accessed through its website. Each download is accompanied with the specific license relating to that particular item.

4. Associates, Affiliates, Consultants & other related personnel: The Writers’ Consultant removes itself and all related personnel from any indemnification resulting from any advice or action or provision of service or products offered by any of the personnel working for or with this website.

5. Final General Statement: The Writers’ Consultant offers provision of networking options for all involved in the process of producing published works – whether print or digital or both. The agency, its owner and all associated with, are dedicated to ensuring that quality products and services are made available to those seeking such services and products, and thereby removes itself and all associated from it from any and all indemnification which may result in the usage or patronage of the website, and all activities that may entail.

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