All About Wordpress

How many times have you been flustered with the onset of confusing or seemingly non-confwordpress-1013189_1920ormant nature of the wordpress system running your blog or website?

Have you tried countless times to do what seems like it should be a simple task – only to find you can’t seem to get the hang of it? Feel like resorting back to the good ole’ days of working with more simple – albeit offering you much less in terms of features and add-ons for your website or blog? Or perhaps going back to the more old-fashioned method of programming a simple yet boring website based only on html & css?

I hear you – I’ve been there myself. But after taking the tempting (and a bit scary at times) plunge into the world of wordpress system for my own hosted website (working with, not – I’ve become a customer for life. And quite a satisfied customer convinced of the trendy progress that the whole wordpress system has to offer.

I’m no programmer. And I’m certainly illiterate when it comes to the various programming languages needed to not only program, but to run, an efficient, attractive, modern website (or blog for that matter) competitive enough to make it in this world of cyber sparring.

Well, dear friends, that is what this section of the blog is all about – and directed towards. As I myself am confronted with various situations and problems in my own journey of my experiences – so I share with you the solutions that I find – regardless if I find them on my own, or via the means of various sages out there in the land of google.

Until my next post – happy blogging and merry googling!

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