Writer's Block & How to Overcome It

Writer's Block & How to Overcome It

All writers face this fateful eminent condition at one time or another – and for most writers, it can happen at the most inapt of times – when you have an upcoming deadline that you just need to meet.

As with any other art or craft, or even when considering the simple physical stamina needed to face day to day life – exercise is the key to keeping fit and ready for any job that comes your way – and writing is no less of importance or value when it comes to this.

To keep up your writing skills, you need to exercise them – and what better way than to simply do it? Like the world-famed logo for Nike sports says – Just Do It!

Well, sometimes it is not so simple as that…even the best of us need a push here or there to get us on the right track. And writing prompts are one of the best ways to get the wheels greased up again.

I have found that Authors Publish is an excellent source for many venues – writing prompts, publishing directives, and more – you can view what they have to offer at www.authorspublish.com. They have currently a special offer for a free download of PDF file/book of Writing Prompts. But you have to act quick – their website tells that this offer (the free download) is available only until March 26, 2017…after which it will be available only at a purchase price.

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