Everyone Has A Story

Everyone Has A Story






What’s yours?

I’m sure you have a story to tell – doesn’t have to be a big fiction production.

Some of the most compelling stories have come out of life experience – memoirs of a sense. But even memoirs don’t have to be boring.

Take, for instance, some of the more contemporary memoirs of people such as About Alice, by Calvin Trillin – which is more of a love letter he wrote in commemoration of their love. Or Bald in the Land of Big Hair, by Joni Rogers – which gives the reader first hand insight into the life of the author as she was afflicted with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and underwent chemotherapy, the result of which she obviously lost all of her hair – in a society in which big hair styles were the norm.

In The Mistress’s Daughter, author A.M. Homes explores and delves into not only life as an adopted child, but the resulting domino effect of finding her biological parents – the events that come with learning the reality of existence in this life.

A more comprehensive list of 17 compelling contemporary memoirs complete with synoptic cameos for each can be found at this Reader’s Digest page. Some of the personalities are quite well known and their names quite familiar – while others may be more less widely known – but their stories and the manner in which they have been told are spell-binding.

An important aspect of story-telling, of course, is reaching your desired audience. Without some form of publishing, your story is bound to be pent up inside of you till you take it to your grave, or jotted down in un-organized notes laying somewhere and everywhere around the house or office, or perhaps only passed down by word of mouth to your children and grandchildren.

This brings us to the world of publishing. Of course, to get there, you will need to do the writing first (which will be addressed in a subsequent post). But we will be dealing with introduction into publishing for now.

A good place to start is a short, concise and yet all-around all-encompassing book of a first guide into the publishing arena: 10 Authors, 10 Stories, 10 Ways to Get Your Book Published, edited by Emily Harstone.


If you click on the image above of the book’s front cover, you will be taken to the official link to purchase a downloadable copy (PDF) for a very reasonable price.

It (inclusive of the book, its content, its authors, editors & publisher) does not claim to be the best method to get published. In fact, there may truly be no ‘best way’ or a one-size-fits all approach.

As each individual in this world has been created unique in appearance, personality and talent – so are all of the creative works produced by each – writings, paintings, graphics and more. There is no one best – and the old adage here certainly applies – beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. The best is truly the best in your or my viewpoint – and may not be considered the best to others.

For the world of publishing – the best for you may not be the best for me, and vice versa – so this book simply contains the stories of 10 authors, giving insight of their own journeys in the industry of publishing – and thereby interesting and helpful directives to those seeking to get their work published.

Until the next post…get to work on whatever project it is that you have on the table – or get it out of the drawers and work towards your ultimate goal of getting it published!


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